I&W Realty Buying Tips


These buying tips can help you guide in the right direction if you’re considering a move soon to your new dream property.

  • Have a detailed talk with your financial advisor and arrange for the optimum loan facility which would be appropriate for your needs. If you are purchasing an investment property, then make sure that you talk with your advisor regarding tax depreciation.
  • It’s better if you professionally evaluate your current property by an area specialist or by our team member and before moving in to your new property, make sure you sell it before purchasing the new one.
  • Prepare a list of your preferred locations and decide on what kind of property are you looking for; don’t forget to consider your budget and accommodation requirements.
  • Attend auctions of properties of your similar choice and learn about their prices. It’s advisable to keep some regular tab as well-priced and well-located properties can be sold off at any point of time.
  • Make a thorough research about sales in your preferred areas with our extensive collection of information provided by dedicated team members, who can also offer advice, keep you updated with properties of interest, and alert you to new listings before they arrive in the market.
  • When you come upon the property of your choice, ask the agent to send you a copy of the contract and consult with your solicitor or conveyancer. If you don’t have a solicitor or conveyancer, then you can always trust us to provide professional assistance.
  • Organize for a full-proof building and pest examination to be assured of any kind of defect present in the property which might go unnoticed.
  • Make sure that you are aware of any local developmental project occurring next to your property which may/may not affect you.
  • Once you are completely satisfied with every aspect of the property, make a fair and realistic offer on the property through your agent.
  • After finalizing on the negotiations, you will need to arrange an insurance policy to protect your interest in the property. You will also be required to sign the contract and arrange a payment of the 10% percent deposit. Until the final settlement, your deposit will be placed in a trust account. The vendor will sign their sale contract and the solicitor or conveyancer/agent will exchange the contracts on your behalf.
  • It usually takes around six to eight weeks to reach a settlement, so, during that period, you can discuss with potential interior decorators to design your new property and make other necessary arrangements.
  • It’s recommended that on the settlement day, you make a final inspection before settlement procedure is initiated. This is to make surethat the property is in the similar condition as when you had last examined it and that all the inclusions are as per the contract you had signed.

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