I&W Realty Selling Tips


These professional selling tips will help you to achieve prompt and profitable selling of your property to potential buyers.

  • It’s quite obvious for you to be concerned about how your property would be auctioned, how long would it take, and what price you are going to get for it. don’t stress about it and be mentally prepared to face the hurdles during the selling period.
  • It naturally takes six to eight weeks to sell a fairly priced property and along with another two more weeks for placing the property on the market and on agents’ list. So, prepare your residential property for marketing to the prospective buyers.
  • Select a professional broker and after finalizing on the agency agreements andagent’s standard real estate commission,prepare an advertising campaign and start promoting your property to acquire necessary attention.
  • If your property requires cosmetic repairs or building and pest inspection to attract potential buyers, then make sure you organize for it in a prompt manner. If your property is able to create a strong impression on them, then your property would be sold off in no time.
  • Schedule all of the inclusions or exclusions so that buyers are aware of exactly what are included in the sale.
  • Make sure that your corresponding BAS statements are up to date and available and financial year statements for your business are handled in a proper manner by your accountant and does not reflect any false information to the buyers who would like to inquiry about your financial condition.
  • Let your purchasers know that how effectively you have cleared your debts regarding the property, so that the buyers are not apprehensive before investing on your property.
  • Make a proper plan regarding the negotiation of your property beforehand so that you can avoid bargaining over trivial items with the buyer that could cost you the sale.

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Hope I&W Realty has a prosperous future!
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